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The EarthBound Homie
Earthbound The Story

Earthbound-The story

By Jeff Maxwell a.k.a The re-EarthbounDER



The year is 199X.Ness,a small boy from Onett,has just gotten home from the arcade.Ness was one of the silent type.He does have friends,but they rarely came to his place,and most of his friends are strange kids that are homeless and like to hangout at hidden clubhouses.One of his friends claimed they saw a magic butterfly fluttering around the police station, but Ness wasn't so sure he believed him.

Ness didn't have any enemies,well very few,anyway.One of them was the Sharks, which was aslo everybody's enemy.They were the local gangsters but they're not really scary and they don't commonly bother Ness.Today at the arcade, one of the smaller Sharks,told Ness he was a jumbo dork face,but thats all that happend so it wasn't a real big problem.

The other enemy Ness had was Pokey.He was more of a nuisance than an enemy and when he farted Ness could have sworn he would have rather eaten rotten fish then smell that smell again.Whats worse is that Pokey is Ness's nextdoor neighbor.He is constantly bothering Ness and has the worst attitude.Pokey thinks he's so rich compared to Ness, so he always talks about his ``poor nieghbor``.Pokey's looks are just as nasty as his attitude.He has a fat pudgy face and chin,big round bowl haircut,blonde hair,and some fat little legs under his chubby stomach.Pokey's really a wuss inside.He just bully's Ness because he knows that Ness won't do anything and it will make him look better.Pokey's little brother ,Pickey,is also annoyed with Pokey.Pokey's dad think's that Pokey is a sweet little boy and spoils him with junk food,which obviously effects his appearance.

Well,as I was saying,Ness had just gotten back form the arcade.On his way home,by the Onett Public Library,he saw in the sky what looked like a shooting star.He thought nothing about this,but,this ``shooting star`` was going to change his life.

Chapter One

Right when Ness walked in his front door his mother greeted him with a Pumped Up Mach Pizza(Ness's favorite).Then she had him take a shower and get ready for bed.Ness's sister,Tracy,was getting cleaned up to go apply for a job for some strange storage service, so Ness had to wait to take a shower.After Tracy was through with her shower, Ness got in.I will not tell you the details of the shower because that is not necessary.

After Ness got out of the shower, he went to his room,crawl into his bed and fall asleep.

Ness had been asleep for hours when all of a sudden a large crashing sound woke him up.Ness hurriedly got out of bed.He walked to his sister's room and asked what was going on.

``I dont know, but that was a loud rumble!``.

He went downstairs and noticed his mother was in the living room.

``Ness I know you want to go investigate,``she said``and even if I tell you not to you still will, but at least change out of your pajamas``.

After Ness had gotten his pajamas off and into his normal clothes, he went outside.He could hear police sirens in the distance.Ness saw a man in a blue suit standing near the road to downtown Onett.Ness went to talk to the man.

``I want to return home, but the road is closed.People are taking this meteorite situation too seriosly!``

``So,``Ness thought to himself``a meteorite must have made that crashing sound!``

Ness walked down the road a little farther to find the Onett police blocking the way to Onett.Ness talked to one of the police officers.

``Onett police are infamous for closing roads if something is going on.We are going for the worldrecord.``

``Um....okay?!``Ness said thinking what a weird officer.

Ness decided to walk up to his favorite hill and see what was going on there.On his way he met a kid wearing sunglasses(at night!?)who asked him,

``Did you hear the big bang?I think a meteorite landed nearby.I wanted to be the first to see it,okay?I am going to try to be the first to get there...``

``Um okay,good luck!``Ness said as he walked farther down the road.

After about five minutes farther down the road a police officer stopped him.

``Don't you know what time it is!?Get your butt home pronto!!!``

Ness ignored the police man because he knows he's to lasy to do anything.Farther down the road another officer said to him,

``A meteorite has landed,the sharks are running wild in town,you kids are wandering around,and I'm hungry...I hate my job!``

``Geez,``said Ness.``whats with all the wierd officers.I guess their jobs cause them to talk nonsense.``

Ness continued up the winding hilltop,when he saw a present, lying wrapped,on the ground.

``Huh?``he thought``Thats wierd!I'll check it out on my way back``

Farther up the road was Lier X. Agerate's house. Agerate is a treasure hunter with some type of mine under his house.Ness decided to talk to Agerate who was just outside his front door.

``Hey Ness,hiya buddy! A meteorite fell down and went boom! It was a real mess for a while.I was fine because I always eat garlic and workout to make my body stronger.However,the weaker citizens probably fainted. Ialso want to tell you...whoops!I almost told you about my....uh by the way Ness did you check my billboard?I wrote the message myself.Thats my real job you know.I'm a billboard guy.Why don't you check out my work?``

Ness read the billboard next to him.(``Treasure Hunter.this is Lier X. Agerate's house.``)It wasn't very intelligent.

``Okay now thats just strange,``thought Ness,``but Lier is a weird guy.``

Not much farther up the road Ness could see a bright shining light.

``That must be the meteorite!I'm gonna check it out``

Ness said goodbye to Agerate and continued farther up the road,closer to the bright glow of the meteorite.

``Aww that blows,``Ness said as he came upon three Onett police officers,blocking the last turn up the hill that led to the meteorite.``they've blocked it off!And whats Pokey doing here!``

Walking around,trying to get a good look at the meteorite,was Pokey.It looked as though the police officers were getting frustrated with Pokey,because they kept throwing him nasty looks.

Ness was just about to go home and check out the meteorite tomorrow,because he didn't want Pokey to notice,when suddenly he heard,

``Hey Ness, dont be rubberneckin'.``

It was Pokey.

``Your'e gettin' in the cops, oops...I mean officers way.``

Pokey sneered.

``You can go home now.Tomorrow,I pokey will tell you more about the strange meteorite.I'm fine here,but you're bugging the officers.``

``Yeah sure!I'm the one bugging the officers.``Ness thought to himself.

Not wanting to stay around Pokey any longer,Ness headed home.On his way he came across the unopened present that lay on the ground.Ness checked inside and found a bread roll wrapped in ceramic paper.On the ceramic paper,written in black ink,was``when eaten,you feel healthier.``

``Huh?``thought Ness.``I guess I'll hang on to this.``

Outside his front door, Ness could see his mom waiting for him.

``Welcome home,Ness.It's not necessary to talk about it tonight.Scoot off to bed.``

Ness was in his bed and soon he fell asleep.

Later that night.......


Ness woke up.

``Huh what's that sound.Who's knocking on the door?``

Ness could see the light on in the hall outside his room.It was Tracey.She had been awoken by the knock too.

``What's that sound?`` asked Ness.

``Someone's knocking at the door.What an annoying knock!``

Downstairs, his mother said,

``My land !Who could be knocking on the door at this time of night? Would you answer it?``

Ness went to answer the door,but just as he was about to open it,Pokey busted in,gasping for breath!

``Hey! L-l-l-listen to w-what I've got to say!``Pokey studdered.``When I took Pickey over to the place where the meteorite landed...``

Pokey looked over at Ness's mom.

``Oh!Good evening ma'am.You're looking lovely as usual.``Pokey snickered``Anyway, as I was saying, the police that were guarding the mereorite landing left suddenly to deal with the Sharks, you know the Sharks,they're the local ruffians,and they were really going wild.Suddenly I noticed that Picky was gone.I blame the certainly wasn't my fault at all.When my dad gets back I know I'm gonna get it....You're my bestest friend! Won't YOU help me find Pickey?

``No,``said Ness.``that's you're own problem.``

``If you refuse me,``threatened Pokey``I'll say something that will cut you like a knife.PLEASE HELP ME!!``

Not wanting to make a scene in front of his mom,Ness decided to go.

``Yes, alright I'll go!``Ness said feeling punked.

``Okay,good buddy!Let's blow this popsicle stand....Before we go,why don't you say``goodbye``to you're mom?Don't you agree, ma'am?``Pokey stared at Ness's mom.

Ness went over to say ``goodbye`` to his mom.

``I know that the dog is unreliable,but you should take King along.``

King was Ness's dog.He was a bit lazy,and kind of a coward,but he agreed to take him.

``The cracked bat in Tracy's room could help out at a time like this.``

Ness remembered the bat he left in his sister's room.

``No matter what anyone says,you're a courageous,strong boy.You're my very own natural born fighter...You'll go far...Remember to ``Go for it``!But, I think you should change out of your jammies before you leave.``

``Man,``thought Ness``It's not like I'm leaving forever.I'm just going to help find Pickey.``

After Ness changed out of his jammies,he got the cracked bat out of his sister's room,then proceeded downstairs to the living room.

Pokey came up to Ness.

``Alright if you're ready lets go! You go out in front and I'll follow at a safe distance. Let's get going!``

Before they left, Ness called king to come join them.They were just about to walk out the door when the phone rang.

``Brrring Brring!``

Ness's mom yelled,

``Can you get the phone?``

Ness answered the phone.

``Hello, it's your dad.""work to exhaustion when you're young...""Have you ever heard of a wierd saying like this?Just remember I'm always behind you 100%