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I have held true to my word.

Hello Everybody, It is yours truly: Sleeping Tom.. Well as I said.. I will update every year or two.. so here I am. It has been 1 year, 2 months, and 29 days since I last updated. But don't fret, I have not forgotten about all you loyal SVR fans. The last time we spoke, their was tragic news.. but today I bring you epic tales of happiness. Jeff Maxwell came out of his cave.. He was not hurt in the accident! What greater news can there be!? But just as with every great story.. their still must be the bad too. He will probably never work on SVR again. You see.. he doesn't have the will to work anymore. But he has given me his blessings in running this awesome establishment. So what more can I ask for? But I must come to a close.. But remember.. never lose faith! Even when it seems you can't go any lower.. Don't give up on Saturn Valley Ranch!! I'll see you guys in another year.

Sleeping Tom, The best of the best.

The Great One is here.

Hello Everybody, I'm your new and improved webmaster, they call me sleeping tom. Now seeing as how Jeffrey was in a fatal car accident the time for renovation is here at last. I will be bringing you basically about the same as Jeff, basically a update every year or so!! So get pumped up as your new webmaster makes his mark on the website society!!!

Sleeping Tom, The best of the best.

Teriible News

The day is August 8th, 2004. The world mourns over the death of one of the most loved people of America and the world all. Today, Jeffrey Maxwell was in a fatal car caused by his mother swerving to miss a rabbit off of a large cliff. The car immediatly caught on fire burning the bodies to shreds, said officials. But already many of Jeffs numerous fans are beggining to go with the Tupac storie. They beleive he is in some hidden mountain facility biding his time alive and well. But I am sorry my fellow Jeff fans, seeing as how I was one of them, I am grieved greatly too. But life will alwasy throw us such terrible twists and we must learn to truly deal with them. I will never take the place of Jeff, and I would never ever want too, seeing as how he was too great. But I will make an attempt to do the very best that I can do to keep the legacy started by Jeff. So all you hardcore SVR Ranch fans, Hello.
Let us have a moment of silence for Jeff.
And now we must move on.

Sleeping Tom, The best of the best.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Back after popular demand(see Steven's site )is an all new SVR update!That's right!I have decided to come back after my huge vacation of labor and bring this Ranch to a disgustingly awesome level of fun and excitement for you and your childern and even your poop artist freinds!Wanna know why?Well,the simplest explanation is...This site is rated E for Everyone!No,I'm not lying!We have a mailbag for our appreciated vistitors,a fluke section for those who need a good ol'laugh,we even have some info on the great game Earthbound!All this and more made available to you by our hardworking staff(er)!I am not joshing you when I say you do not wanna miss this!So sit back(or lie down!)and enjoy the funk!

Okay I hate you for reading this alt tag!Your so stupid!And stop checkin my site all the time for updates!!!I wasn't finished!!!


Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Say hello to Loki.

Loki is the webmaster over at Kitaki Monkey and he will be joining me on this site,as I will his.Don't know what section he will maintain,though,but,HE WILL MAINTAIN!!!!
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

New Rancher:)

I'd like to welcome a new staff member here!Chay Carroll will be administrating some "soon to come" sections here.Lots of staff positions still open so hurry and join.BECOME A RANCHER!JK.
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Mother 1+2 for you!


Mother 1+2 section now up!Go take a look.Hey I would really appreciate some staff at the SVR!E-Mail me.Hem..Steven!

Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Updates along with a dose of ????

Okay I've added some info on Earthbound Zero in the About page.I also added some screenshots of the game for you veiwing pleasure!JK.Hey heres some pictures I thought might be interesting.

Earthbound cart...

..and the Oklahoma Sky.
Yeah...Seeing an Earthbound cartridge high in the sky isn't what I call normal...But it is a side effect of the game,so I can't complain!Oh and look out for my Earthbound Retold fanfic to be put up along with a FanFic section.

Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Nav. Bar update.

I'm adding(and subtracting)some things on the navigation bar.Some of the links won't work just yet becuase I have not yet finished with the linked page.I will hopefully be adding an Earthbound MIDI's page soon so hang around!
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Flukish Update

Ok everyone!The Flukes section has been updated with all of my wonderful flukes!Go check it out!I really would appreciate if some people would submit some of their flukes.Just send them to and I'll put them up.
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Earthboundy Stuff

I've updated the Earthbound section with some info about the game's objective and also have added some EB screenshots in the Pictures section which I just put up.So go have Earthboundy fun!
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Watch out for your pets!

Okay people.Write in to the SVR MailBag!Yeah.If you don't,I SPAY your pets!I'd like to announce that I really need help with this here SV Ranch.Yep.So E-Mail me to apply for a worthless job here.I expect a little HTML knowledge(which I barely have).
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Chat:Channel SVR

So I've added a Chat to my SVR.If your ever on ParaChat go to the menu and click "Go to channel" then type in Channel SVR and wah-lah,your on Channel SVR!
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Flukes, Chat, and another Worthless Update

I'm going to try and get a working chat up here in a few hours or so. I've added a flukes section, but there isn't any up yet (I haven't uploaded any).
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

Worthless Update

I've added a link to my friend Chay's site becuase I'm nice. I al so added a little logo for this here SVR!
Jeff Maxwell,Admin

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Open now and forever! SVR

SVR will be under deep construction considering it has only just started. Updates will be soon!
Jeff Maxwell,Admin