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About Earthbound

I'm not going to explain a whole lot about Earthbound becuase I have a feeling the only reason you are here is because your already an Earthbound fan,but,I may be wrong so for more info I suggest you head on over to Starmen.Net!Earthbound is a game set in the nineties.You play the role of a native boy from the small and rural town of Onett.One night,while your asleep in your room,a large crashing sound awakes you.Later on you find out that this was a meteorite crashed in from the heavens and brought along with it was a creature from the future.This creature informs you of an evil alien-being's plot to bring havoc to the planet Earth.

You along with 3 uniquely different sidekicks must travel the world of EagleLand through crazed,cult filled villages,corrupt cities,a blistering desert,and many more barmy turfs to try and stop the brutish ambition of this evil alien.Along the way you will find out more about yourself and your inner strenghts as well as discovering who your true friends are.

Jeff Maxwell,Admin
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